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Winter book sales & new novel coming soon!

I have been away from online media for quite some time, I know.

I took the last year or two off to be with my father in his final days on this earth plane ~ a heartfelt journey that is still fresh within my soul.

I have been busy though, "Izzy's Ghosts" is in final stages of editing, hoping to release sometime in January of 2020.

Draft - Back Cover Description:

Inspiring, uplifting and poignant, Izzy’s Ghosts is a powerful journey of

love lost and found, ancestral ties and our magical interconnection with life.

An uplifting tale of loves lost and found, Izzy’s Ghosts is a mesmerizing journey through heartbreak and warm humour. Midlife Izzy is dumped by her husband and homeless, a spirit world door opens at the Rail Stop Café as she stumbles into a strange northern ghost gold mining town. Amidst the wilderness and a strange community, Izzy is isolated in a 200-hundred-year old rural schoolhouse with its ghostly classroom children and teacher.

Resourcefully facing the inevitability of life alone in a strange rural community, Izzy unravels a secret through a wilderness man, community and a kindly old man. Along the way, there are descendants of Dr. Barnardo’s British Home Children, Gold Rush Fever, unsanctified baby burials, ghost hunters, infringing upscale cottage estates and tourists.

Befriended by ghosts and community, history and insights collide as Izzy is challenged to finally overcome a life of loneliness and isolation when she crosses paths with a dying young woman and a little girl.

Izzy’s journey celebrates the life-affirming qualities of resilience, the importance of community; of this world and spirit world, and the power of love to change lives.

Another novel "Barefoot Annie" has begun! Whoot!!!

I will begin posting news of winter book sales mid-November.

In the meantime, I wish you all good blessings!



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