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      “Barefoot Alice” is a heart-warming tale of one woman’s journey of loves lost and found, of discovering ancestral ties and the magical interconnection with life.

      Dumped by her husband and homeless, middle-aged Alice finds herself at the Rail Stop Café in a northern gold mining ghost town during a snowstorm.

     Surrounded by wilderness and a strange community at Golden Lake, Alice finds shelter in a 200-year-old schoolhouse with its ethereal teacher and students. Facing the inevitability of a life alone, she unravels legacy secrets with the help of a kindly old man, the community around and a mysterious wilderness man. She encounters descendants of Dr. Barnardo’s British Home Children, gold rush fever, an unconsecrated baby burial, ghost hunting tourists and infringing upscale cottage estates.

     Befriended by the old schoolhouse ghosts and community, Alice is challenged to survive and overcome a lonely life.

       Alice’s heartwarming journey celebrates the life-affirming qualities of resilience, the importance of community; of this world and spirit world, and the power of love to change lives.

Maddy's Wings literary fiction books by

Maddy's Wings

     Maddy’s Wings is a heartwarming life tale of 92-year-old Maddy, a WW2 Air Auxiliary pilot. Diagnosed with Alzheimer's she is challenged to face painful memories of crashing a loaded B26 bomber that killed two female flight crew members.
     Heartbreak and humour abounds, as she recalls growing up in the tiny northern Ontario community of Cedar Grove during the depression and adventurous crop-dusting Jack trains Maddy to fly. After the crash and war, home settling with navy man Gordon, they are challenged to overcome war traumas while facing the death of their daughter and unborn granddaughter.
     Stoically facing the end of her life, aging Maddy befriends a stuttering old woman as her estranged son-in-law returns from an assignment in Afghanistan. New neighbours; a woman and her teenaged granddaughter offer womanly bonding, pet pig companionship and medicinal giggle brownies. As Maddy begins to live old age to its fullest, a ruthless elder care worker taunts her. As though surviving a plane crash, the atrocities of war are not enough and death of loved ones, once every eighty-eight years, all hell shakes loose. Truth and insights collide, as mysteries surface: Who killed the wolf in sheep’s clothing Pastor Jacob? What really caused the fateful plane crash and why was Gertie out of her seat? Why had she survived while so many had not? What really happened to little sister Rosie during and after the war?
     Maddy’s soul longs only to freely soar and live her last days having a blast, yet as her memory slips, she is confronted with one last nemesis; survivor guilt.
     Maddy may re-define what it means to be a hero.

Soul Skin woman have you had enough lite

      Reader's Favorite 5 star Award & BookWorks Book of the Week Award

      "Woman have you had enough?  An inspiring tale of hardship, wisdom and discovery, Soul Skin is a celebration of those of us who do not fit into ‘normal’. Deeply moving, Soul Skin is an odyssey of many lifetimes, that summons our own personal journeys.
     Life overflows with problems as Navi is caught in between two worlds, of loss, destiny and self-discovery. Striving to cope with; a child’s cancer, marital heartbreak, a stifling rural church community, a scandalous love affair, job loss, menopause and a haunting dark shadow nemesis, Navi is left heartbroken and shamed. Lost and alone with her daughter, she is comforted by her dead Grandmother and a mysterious soul skin man. Slammed into impossible challenges, insights come through ancient sisterhood teachings and sacred dream journeying to historic events in; a Nazi death camp, a pre-civil war deep south, indigenous North America, as Joan of Arc, an audience with Lord Byron, as a wolf mate and more. Throughout, Navi candidly explores life with wit, yet it is the love bond of her daughter, Gran and soul skin man that carries her through.
     Following the power of fate and finding the freeing truth of who you truly are, can be a magical journey of remembering your; innate heart wisdom, connection with the spirit world of possibilities and bring forth your life mission.

     ~ New York Book Pundit: "Perhaps Jan Porter’s ‘Soul Skin’ can best be described as bliss in literary form—it is a mind-bending, sweeping story of impossible journeys made so believable by Jan’s incredible literary talent. And did I mention it is also deeply entertaining?"

Peaceful Warrior Woman literary fiction
​     Young Annish dreams of an exciting Hunter-Warrior’s life rather than the traditional domestic role set out for her. A moving solo hunter’s adventure odyssey unfolds bringing Spirit World visions, Ancestor guidance, powerful mysterious forces and life-defining soul challenges. As the hunting expedition ends a bigger mission ensues, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. In the process, she must face hard truths of a changing world, understand her true gifts, life path and contribution to the community and the world. In the moments of stillness where times stands still with heart love and hard lessons learned, Annish becomes a Peaceful Warrior Woman affecting many generations to come. One woman is a tiny divine spark in a timeless collective; all of us are Peaceful Warrior Women.

     ~ "Loved this! Perfect reading by the fireplace!​" OceanLife - Amazon Reviewer