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Shifting wounds into wisdom is the art of inspired transformation!’ Your Happiness is Sacred ~

Your body, mind and feelings are sacred space and the pathway to wholeness is in boldly walking through a soul-healing journey that brings authentic empowerment, growth and fulfillment. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men are survivors of sexual trauma. From a broader perspective, sexual assault has been a shadow aspect of civilization since time recorded, often used as a war tactic to kick out a culture’s stability at its pillars; women, children and the vulnerable. This is a social and global issue. So while you may feel alone if you are a survivor, you are in company with millions and there are many who do care. When those traumatic events occur, adrenaline chemicals flow powerful fight or flight emotions and instinct, our brain neurons create survival neuron-pathways that can keep us locked into the traumatic effects, even though the threat has passed. Like a computer that has been infected by a virus, or your physical body processes the flu, these trauma neurons naturally can heal given time, safety, support and as a sense of normalcy ensues. Sexual trauma is a uniquely challenging experience to recover from for many reasons. It is a deeply intimate event in nature, where something has touched and penetrated the most private parts of our bodies, psyche and our soul. Simply by taking a moment to notice that ninety eight percent of what you felt about the ordeal does not even belong to you can be amazingly freeing. Often, we unconsciously pick up the erroneous thoughts and feelings from offenders that mix and mingle with those of family, friends, community or the cultural religious beliefs around us. You have a natural inner guidance system within you that is set for a fulfilled life and happiness. In fact, your inner compass is finely tuned and aligned with your soul's path and higher good. It always has been within your heart and soul. Count on it, trust it and allow it to be your focal point. You find this inner direction when you are quiet and calm, during relaxing enjoyable and when caring for others. In giving thanks for all good things that do flow through your life, you naturally attract more good. It takes practice staying in a good attitude space and balanced. The journey of wholeness is primarily a solo process and it is one that we all must take. Our ancestors, the spiritual masters throughout the ages have all taken this journey. Equally as many, make it their life passion vocation to assist you through your process, whether via professional education or alternative healing modalities or simply the friend who has been there and done that. So take some time and find a good a counselor and or the healing modality that suits your needs and begin your journey to wholeness. Allow that door of assistance to open, whether it is a referral through your family doctor, community support services or support group who can assist you along your path. The art of transformation most often occurs during and following life’s most defining moments, which are profound opportunities sending out beacons guiding you and calling you to a whole new chapter in life. While stress at the beginning of a transformation process can seem long and painfully up and down, know that the journey is really about the incremental breakthroughs of self discovery. Your soul is navigating you through life's experiences and supports are there for the allowing, all calling and beckoning toward a more aligned soulful way of living and being. You are here now at this crossroad in life, not just because of a crisis, but because your soul is calling you to grow, to love yourself, to follow the path of doing what you love to do; those creative activities and assisting others that give you joy, inspiration and fulfillment. You are stronger than you know and give yourself credit for. You are much more than a survivor, you are a Thriver. Love is the way out; love of self. You are all vastly more than the role you assumed at birth within family, community, life patterns and experiences. You are so much more than a summation of what others expect or want you to be. The popular adage is so true; you are a spiritual being, having a human experience. You, we are all aspects of God and our spirits live on infinitely. Healing occurs when we remember, with heart and soul, who we really are: an aspect of divine creation, inherently good and your earthly life is a gift. Your soul and all that is divine, sees you as a magnificent spirited being with unique skills, attributes and capabilities to contribute to make the world a better place. You were meant to be here in this lifetime and have a phenomenal capacity to love and to be loved, just as you are. No hurtful word, thought or experience, can ever take away the wonder of your soul in the eyes of the divine. In honouring this higher truth of who you are, all good things naturally flow from this sacred state of being. Love your life as it is. Know that change is constant. Nothing ever really stays the same forever. Stay focused on your own journey by paying attention to what feels good and what does not, so let go and allow solutions, insights and inspiration to naturally flow to you at the right time. Life is a gift. Your life is a gift. Imagine that your life is imbued with angelic magnificence of oneness with the all that is. This higher Divine power of love in motion begins within your own soul and radiates outward into the world to inspire others. Stay aware of how much lighter, brighter and freer this notion feels and choose this pathway always. Meditate, pray, do creative activities that you love to do, learn, share, assist others as you can and your growth into a happy sacred state of being is assured. Always allow your childlike wonder, joy, gratitude, love and laughter to serve as one of your own soul's tool kit for life's most difficult challenges. I wish you comfort, hope, confidence, courage, inspiration, laughter and good friendships and to always see the good in you and the world around you. You can do it. I wish you blessings on your journey! *’Sacred Space, mind body soul after sexual abuse’ and ‘Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors’ are available in ebook, paperback and large print via and wherever books are sold.

Jan Porter is published author of numerous personal growth and literary fiction books, a member of The Writer’s Union of Canada and workshop facilitator residing in beautiful rural Ontario, Canada

copyright 2009


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