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Maddy's Wings ~ a stellar review by

"A timeless heart-rending story that will appeal to discerning lovers of literary fiction with a strong female lead Maddy's Wings is unreservedly recommended."

Absorbing and powerfully written, Maddy's Wings is a story about life and looking back on it with Porter ably managing to avoid the genre's many syrupy dangers. Sometimes flashbacks in fiction work, more often than not they don’t as far too many novels creep with unendurable inevitability to a foregone conclusion. But in Porter's capable hands plot structure proves a wonderful distraction and wholly unpredictable with its narrative charm stemming from vivid and unique characterizations along with her nuanced eye for period detail. Wandering through notes of longing, romantic angst, tragedy and deceit she takes these themes and turns them to full volume as momentum gathers pace. Readers can expect subtle touches of humour, poignant turns of phrase and the artifices of mystery as she weaves a narrative with an abundance of feeling. Using the devices of time, the decades fall away and secrets are unravelled as she draws us in with surprising ease and you can’t help but be impressed by the quality of execution. Take a moment to close your eyes and you can imagine events unfolding on celluloid, which invariably proves the mark of a good book.

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