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Soul Works Books Gifting is gearing up for another #giveaway!

We are an ad hoc volunteer group that primarily consists of my daughter Marhti Crowley, family, friends and myself since 1994. We aim to improve the lives of adults and their loved ones primarily through books gifting.

All books, goods and all proceeds from donations go directly to support the mission of gifting.

Through our books gifting, we offer free books to those vulnerable adults who not otherwise have access. I began books gifting during my years as a Social Services Worker with my children during pre-Christmas festivities. Through volunteering at a local Food Bank and collecting household goods for those families who fell through the cracks of social service programs. Rather than be solely focused on a capitalistic gain of material goods mentality, it was my hope that my children would experience the joy of giving. For many years, we gave locally to the many adults who fall through the cracks of social funding and who could benefit from both traditional and independent publisher books, ‘how to’ resources and non-perishable food goods. For a time, we grew into filling shipping containers with books, clothing and non-perishable goods to battle-weary countries.

Traditionally, most of our Soul Works donations and recipients have remained anonymous, to avoid costly bureaucratic red tape and delays. However, we will give a receipt and acknowledgment upon request. We aim to give in the true spirit of sharing without the complexities of establishing a formal foundation. We may consider establishing a formal gifting foundation in the future.

Over the years, we have donated thousands of books to Women’s Centres, Prisons, Sexual Assault Centres and a variety of community service non-profit organizations. We strive to partner with existing programs and service providers who strive to fulfill basic needs, foster self-esteem and enhance the quality of life.

If you would like to receive paperback books and PDF versions of my book for a marginalized group, wish to donate or have a stellar idea for recipients, please, let’s connect: janwroteabook(at)

For more information about Jan, feel free to peruse my website:

Thank you and blessings on your journey!

Jan and Marhti


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